Yoga Pants vs. Leggings: What should ladies opt for?

Chill out! You are not the only one searching for this. We all do not fashion connoisseurs, so it is okay to struggle to find the difference between yoga pants and leggings. However, most of us are aware that both of these are used in different scenarios.

But women still tend to confuse that and want a further explanation. Because with the evolution of workout leggings and formal wear yoga pants, the gap is diminishing. We are here to differentiate between them and see what factors make them unlike and economically worthwhile.  

Yoga pants: What and Why?

Yoga pants are sporty and suited to athletic activities. It should not come as a surprise that the pant's material has different abilities Vs. Leggings. First of all, yoga pants are flexible enough to allow movement in a broader dimension. Not only that, the fabric supports your lower body by firmly wrapping around your legs.

Its compressional feature contours your body to a more fitted shape. Durability might be your second question. Luckily, its stretchy fabric is also tear-resistant, so don't worry while making daring ninja moves! Sweat is the almost inevitable consequence of a physical workout. Unfortunately, sweat stains may also visibly appear on your trousers, particularly near the waist and crotch.

But not with yoga pants, as they wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry. That makes for a more breathable layer above your skin. Unlike jeans, yoga pants also have anti-chafing properties. Since the sky's the limit, it is up to you to style it as casual wear, like wearing underneath a long dress or a crop top.

Leggings: What and Why?

Leggings are targeted at audiences that want soft, comfortable loungewear. But do not let that underestimate it! Leggings also perform well with formal attire such as shirts, oversized sweaters, turtle necks, etc. There exists a fine line between them. That is, though leggings are stretchable too, they do not offer to contour. The fabric is not sturdy enough to compress your legs and thighs. But that too is understandable since leggings mainly aim to be fashionable and cool. Leggings are comparatively looser than jeans and yoga pants. So it's a great way to relax while wearing them.

Maternity leggings are also a thing. Due to their adaptability and comfort, they are a top choice. You can get leggings in all colors, sizes, and designs. The availability of so much variety is remarkable. Some come with a waist-high band, while others don't. Occasionally you can also go for knee-length, ripped, or full-length leggings.

Sizing up or down is your choice. If your leggings become saggy after extended use, try taking a size smaller than your usual one. Winter is the season when you desperately want a warm, hugging sheath around you. Leggings can come in handy in this regard too.  

Yoga pants vs. leggings: The final debate

Until now, you might have a vague idea of our yoga pants vs. leggings argument. However, let's do more in-depth desiccation and weigh out different factors against each other.


Constituent material heavily impacts several properties of a garment. When talking about Yoga pants, they blend polyester, spandex, cotton, and nylon.  These synthetic fibers account for the lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking attributes of pants.

Moreover, you have freedom of motion i-e you can perform many stunts an unlimited number of times. Do not worry that yoga pants will start to wear out or will lose their shape. Acceptable quality yoga pants have thicker material (spandex), so they reshape in their original form after use.

If you are involved in body-shaping workouts like squats, a see-through trouser is the last thing you want. Stick to thickly layered yoga pants if you're going to prevent that.

Jumping to leggings are made of thin materials like nylon, lycra, cotton bamboo, and others. Depending upon the aim of usage, workout leggings have similar constituent fabrics as yoga pants.

But everyday use leggings are made up of cotton, popular during summer for their soft and loose texture. A clingy fabric is something you would like to avoid in summer, which is why leggings are best for sleepwear and loungewear too. However, thin material can make leggings see-through.


Determining your type depends upon your preferences and the lifestyle you have. Broadly speaking, yoga pants/leggings can be categorized into the following types:

Loose-fitting: Such pants offer more space for women who want modest attire or want a relaxed yoga session. The length can be anywhere from knee to ankle. Some come in bell-bottom and boot-cut shape, while others can be Capri style. Looser-fit leggings may look unstylish but can be paired with trainers for a more sporty look.

Tight-fitting: Women who want body-hugging and compression wear choose fitted leggings/yoga pants. Especially if you're going to mold your legs and thighs to a more athletic physique, they fit snugly on your thighs, accentuating your curves and boosting your self-confidence.

Shorts: Both leggings and yoga pants are available as shorts that reach the upper thigh. They are suited for hotter months and outdoor activity. However, they have the same level of comfort and breathability that their regular ankle-length counterparts provide. Such shorts cover the abdomen bulge and uplift hips to give mechanical support.     

Crotch Gusset:

Another secret for a seamless look. But what is it in the place? It is a padded layer that is added to the area between your thighs. Such a layer exists in yoga pants only and not in leggings. That explains why women prefer to wear leggings under long attires. It is because yoga pants are thick enough while leggings are sheer, so they can't accommodate a padded area. This area is diamond or triangular.

Their purpose is to add breadth to your trousers to allow more space. Simultaneously, they reduce the stress from tight-fitting yoga pants. A gusset hence allows more flexible movement while wearing it. An added benefit is that the crotch gusset equips your yoga pants with tear resistance.


Talking about leggings vs. yoga pants in terms of the waistband, it varies. Generally, yoga pants have wide and stretchy waistbands. The purpose is to give more coordinated and smooth motion. Yoga pants have an abdomen-high waistband that covers your belly and compresses your abdominal muscles.

Yoga pants with a high-waisted band are feasible since they do not slip up and down all the time. Primarily, if you are doing exercises that involve a lot of lower half movements, you can still rest assured that they won't slip down. They may have elastic or drawstring waistbands for all waist widths.

Most leggings have waistbands that reach below your abdominal bulge, while others have higher than that. A big difference is that the waistband in leggings is tight and not elastic enough for flexible movements.


Both yoga pants and leggings dry faster since they have moisture-wicking properties. That is why it is best to avoid putting your gym clothes inside the dryer as they can shrink.

Nothing is worse than ill-fitted gym clothes. However, it is okay to wash Yoga pants in cold water inside a washing machine. But be careful to choose a lower spin and air-dry afterward.  

What are Yoga leggings?

After listening to all these arguments, what if you do not have to pick a side in the leggings vs. yoga pants debate? Wouldn't life be easier if we were to combine the characteristics of both? Yes, that is possible, and the result is yoga leggings! They are genuinely versatile trousers that can be worn everywhere from the office to yoga sessions to parties. Yoga leggings are appropriate for almost all seasons. They allow your skin to breathe in the summer season and absorb sweat stains.

What is more, is that they have a strong material that molds according to your shape. A flat elastic waistband is a heaven for running, jogging, and other physically demanding workouts. All of them are available in different sizes, designs, colors, etc. So you can effortlessly pick one that suits the occasion.

Our top pick for you!

The problem does not end here. There are a variety of brands that are selling dozens of yoga leggings. It is hard to pick one that matches your requirements and is trendy at the same time. Relax, since we have the right choice for you.

Women's Splice Color Yoga Leggings are a top choice to have a hybrid of comfort and style. They are suited for different physical pursuits like running, yoga, bicycling, and others. Whether you want to go to a beach, a friend's party, or just everyday errands, you can wear it in multiple places. These athleisure wear yoga leggings are accessible in two fabulous colors: Classy black and subtle baby pink. With an ideal combination of polyester (87%) and spandex (13%), they have an excellent quality fabric that is sweat-wicking and soft textured at the same time.

Highlighted features

1 For robust and intense workouts: Likebunny yoga leggings are elastic and supportive of a wide range of movements due to their four-way stretch feature. The firm fabric wraps the body elegantly and gives a smooth shape to your thigh muscles.

2 Solid colors and designs: They are available in a wide range of colors to match your vibe and the various occasions. The athletic and modern design also make these leggings worthwhile.  

3 Size variety: Likebunny yoga leggings are accessible for women of different bodies and physiques. That is why we offer small, medium, and large sizes for each product.

4 Budget-friendly: Women's Splice Color Yoga Leggings give you a 28% discount, while you also get a 10% discount on your first order using code IGBUNNY. Isn't that cool that you are getting a premium quality product at a relatable price?

5 Comfortable: This activewear is comfy enough to allow you to relax and have fun while wearing them. With most gym leggings, you have to sacrifice your comfort to wear them. However, the lightweight and soft fabric make these leggings anti-chafing. That also means that they are durable and long-lasting.

6 Breathable: Women assume that since yoga leggings are thick, their legs will stifle while putting them on. This is not true at all. The prime material, polyester, allows proper ventilation so that your lower body doesn't heat up during an intense workout. With that being said, you can enjoy your whole day cool and dry.

7 Versatile: Of course, you would like to invest in something that can't just be worn to the gym. Our garments are versatile in the sense that they can be styled with any other thing. You can wear these flattering black leggings under a crop top, a tank top, stylish oversized shirts, and many other things. If you opt for the pink shade, you can use them under different dark shade attires like long dresses, skirts, crop tops, and other related things.

8 Convenience: There is no requirement for dry cleaning or the application of bleach. They can be easily washed with cold water inside the washing machine. Another pro is that yoga leggings don't get wrinkled, so you do not need to iron or straighten them.

Bottom line

Yoga leggings are a good crossover between leggings and yoga pants. However, some would still like to reserve their vote for either leggings or yoga pants. That depends upon the taste of the person and what they want out of this activewear.

The indicators mentioned above should always be kept in mind while purchasing gym trousers to help you get the best fit. What may work for others may not work for you since everyone's size and requirements differ.