What kind of clothing is not suitable for yoga?

There are several points to note when buying yoga clothes:

1. Don’t choose pants with poor stretching

Yes, that's right. Not all sweatpants from brands like Nike and Adidas are good for yoga. Yoga poses is generally with big stretch action, if you chose the pants which are not for yoga especially, what it knit normally is not close, elasticity is not quite good, once your stretch pose is bigger, not only the decorative pattern of pants is out of shape, but also the underwear will become out, that is too embarrassed really! Now the pants of a lot of brands run at ordinary times still go, but if you want to wear to come out to practice yoga, please consider if it will be see-through!

2. Do not buy knickerbockers

Loose knickerbockers pants, is very close to your imagination of the Indian yoga style. But the pants are so wide that you can't look in the mirror to see if your knees are stretching out if your calf muscles are turning in sequence, or even if you're pinching a brick(need to find the feeling of internal rotation and force in your thigh muscles). So baggy knickerbockers are only great for when you're in meditation.

3. Don’t purchase extra loose clothing

Do you think looser clothes will cool you down if you sweat? But some of the yoga poses are too big, and if you have a guy practicing with you, it might be as simple as a downward dog pose, and you'll be “naked”. There are many inversion poses in yoga, if the clothes do not fit around the body, it will be very easy to slip off. As shown in the picture below, the waist of the clothing is not designed to be tightened, and the garment will slide down after a big movement.

4. Don’t wear the pure-cotton clothing

Cotton clothing is easy to stick to the body as soon as you sweat, plus the elasticity is too small when the body will have a limit on the stretch.

To sum up, in the choice of yoga clothes, please try to wear quick-drying stretch fabric; the clothes can be well wrapped around the body; with chest pads (to protect the chest in the pulsating movement); pants should allow you to clearly observe your knees and muscles.