A Complete Guide to Choose a Perfect Sports Bra

Someone once said that the selection of Sports Bra is not only a science, but also an art. In addition to considering the size and material, it also depends on the intensity of the exercise, etc., so the choice of bra has been plagued by many girls. So, how do you choose a sports bra that suits you?

What's the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra?

Regular bra: The most common thing in life is regular underwear, and for women, it is a bra.

Common materials for bras are:

  1. Cotton: sweat-absorbent, breathable, strong warmth retention, comfortable to wear, easy to dye and print.
  2. Lycra: The texture is similar to rubber, so its characteristics are elasticity, comfort and bearing capacity, making the underwear closer to the body, it is not easy to lose shape and not easy to wrinkle.
  3. Silk: good touch and quality, no static electricity, but also sweat-absorbent and breathable. The disadvantage is not easy to clean.

Regular bra is beautifully positioned and comfortable for daily wear.

Why do we have to wear sports underwear for sports?

There must be many runners who don't know why they must wear sports underwear, especially girls.

In fact, for women, Sports Underwear is very important.

We all know that the breast is mainly composed of fat, breast and connective tissue, without any muscles, only ligaments and skin to support it. While women exercise, they will cause the chest to sway in a "∞" trajectory, which can easily lead to sagging breasts and even various diseases in the long run.

It is believed that many people have experienced chest pain during exercise, especially women with large breasts.

Therefore, regardless of age, breast size or type of exercise, sports underwear should be worn during exercise.

What are the benefits of wearing a sports bra?

When exercising, fixed and tight sports underwear can relieve pain, and can also transfer and disperse the pressure on the chest and shoulders to the back and underarms to improve our sports comfort.

In addition, during exercise, we will shed a lot of sweat. Regular underwear is far less breathable and comfortable than sports underwear. Cotton underwear is not easy to discharge after absorbing sweat, and it will become very stuffy, which provides for the growth of bacteria. In the soil, various inflammations and skin diseases appear, and friction is increased, and the skin is easily rubbed.

The sports underwear is not only breathable, wicking, and quick-drying, but also supports and stabilizes our body, so that everyone can exercise beautifully~

Because women’s chest does not have skeletal muscle support, if there is no better protection (ordinary underwear can’t provide better protection during exercise), a lot of exercise may stretch and deform the suspensory ligament of the chest. Accelerate sagging.

The violent swing of the chest damages the elastic fibrous tissue in the breast, causing it to suffer permanent damage, resulting in sagging and deformation of the breast.

How to choose suitable sports underwear?

Exercise intensity

Choose sports underwear of different intensities for your exercise.

Low-intensity exercise

Some mild exercises and exercises that do not make the body appear unnatural can be considered low-intensity exercises. Such as walking, road biking, billiards, etc.

Moderate exercise

Most appropriate gym exercises are moderate-intensity exercises. For example: Pilates, spinning, etc. In addition, golf, climbing stairs, and skating also count.

High-intensity exercise

Almost all exercises that require both feet to leave the ground at the same time (instantaneous movement of both feet off the ground at the same time, such as running) and high- and low-intensity intermittent cycling exercises are all high-intensity exercises. Gymnastics, running (no matter how fast or long or short), high-impact aerobic dance, tennis and other sports.

Therefore, considering the intensity of exercise, bra's support strength is also divided into three levels, and you need to combine these two to choose underwear that suits you.

The type of exercise according to the cup

V-belt buckle bra

This kind of bra seems to be more suitable for girls with wide shoulders or A cups. Don’t try anything above B cups, because the strength of the chest is finally added to these two narrow shoulder straps. It will either wear the skin on the shoulders. Will cause sore shoulder muscles.

The advantage of this type of bra is that because of the adjustable shoulder straps and buckles, you can always find a suitable adjustment to gather the chest, whether it is up and down or left and right to make the chest more fixed.

There may also be problems with the buckle: plastic buckles and metal rings will rub the skin during running over a certain distance. Daily running for more than 10 kilometers may wear the skin, so it is recommended to wear this for sports under 10 kilometers. Class bra.

V-shaped racerback swimming race bra

This kind of wide shoulder strap bra without buckle is much wider than the narrow shoulder strap bra with buckle on the front. If you choose the right size, this kind of bra can provide moderate binding on the chest and widen the shoulder strap. It can withstand the impact of running, and the one-piece V-shaped design can prevent the shoulder straps from slipping. It is the best choice for girls with plump, narrow shoulders or slippery shoulders.

One piece bra

This type of bra seems to have a simple design, but it is also worth pondering before we buy it.

For example, for girls with small breasts, you can buy the simplest one. For girls with a sweet burden, there is nothing wrong with choosing a one-piece style with a separate cup inside. It's easy to put on and take off without thinking about it. The only problem is that this type of bra is usually easier to slack and needs to be replaced regularly.

Independent cup bra

This kind of independent cup bra is more suitable for plump girls, and the chest is well fixed in the cup to minimize shaking. As far as this picture is concerned, a slightly wider shoulder strap is best.

Try on before purchase

You can only know if sports underwear is suitable after you have tried it, so don't be lazy to shop online, go to a physical store to choose it.

In the process of trying on, you can wear underwear and jump to see how stable the support of the underwear is. You can also try to pull your hands inside the bra to see if the design of the shoulder straps is stable enough and close to the skin. Whether the thread and the edge thread are tied up, and the breathability of the fabric, etc. 

When choosing sports underwear, in addition to the above three steps, the following conditions should be paid attention to:

Shoulder straps: Too tight, will cause pressure on the top of the shoulder skin; too loose, when the arm is raised, the underwear will shift with it, affecting the fixing effect.

The cup is too large to provide good support; too small, the breast tissue is too much pressure, which will cause discomfort.

Underwire: Most sports bras currently do not have underwire, and the biggest problem with underwire is that it may not fit or wear the skin during exercise.

Cloth (that is, the circle of cloth around the body without the cup): It needs to be fitted, and a circle of cloth should be able to completely fit the chest. 

Suggestions on the use and maintenance of sports underwear

Preparing two levels of sports bra will make you more comfortable. For example: C/D Cup women can prepare two sports Bra, high support and medium support. A/B Cup women can prepare for low-support and medium-support sports Bra. In this way, you can make better choices based on sports and clothing collocation.

If you buy Bra you want to run a marathon, it is the same as buying a new running shoe, you have to go through a break-in period before you can use it to participate in a long distance or a marathon. There is another tip: If bra wears the skin, apply some moisturizer to the place where it is easy to dermabrasion.

It is recommended to wash it by hand at ordinary times, do not wring it out, dry it naturally or press it dry, which can increase its lifespan. If you run more than 3 times a week, it is recommended to prepare another one, which is convenient to change and wash, and can also be used for extended periods of time.