2022 Lululemon TOP 10 Best Selling Items! (Girls version)

Lululemon is best known for its yoga leggings, in fact, it also has a lot of sports items and men's casual business sports products are very worth starting. Today we sorted out this article based on Lululemon's website sales and reviews, and also includes others’ shopping experience. Following are hot sale items to get started with Lululemon.


1. Align™ Jogger

As one of Lululemon's star products: the famous "nude pants", high comfort is naturally its characteristic with Nulu nude fabric. Soft and light, a good fitting and are very good to wear for sports! Nulu fabric has also been said to be "I don't want to take it off when I put it on", which shows how comfortable it is.


good wrapping, nudity, highly comfortable and very thin, there is the most color choice and without too much line modification, which may be picky for leg types;

Disadvantages: It is suitable for low-intensity sports; too much friction will be easy to pill.


2.Flow Y Nulu™ Bra

Like Align Legging, Flow Y sports underwear is made of Nulu fabric and is the only sports underwear that uses Nulu fabric. It is a light support for women with the big breasts to wear when doing light exercises such as yoga, the small-breast women does not have much to pay attention to. Recommended for both underwear and sportswear!

Advantages: light and thin, a cloud-like comfortable wearing feeling, easy to put on and take off

Disadvantages: The drawback of Nulu fabric is pill, try not to wear it with clothes that will be static.


3.Invigorate High-Rise Tight

This Invigorate High Rise features Everlux high-performance interior ingredients that make you feel comfortable for both athletic and everyday, and this fabric is also officially known as the fastest-drying fabric. Good plasticity, high elasticity, providing super wrapping without making your body feel any restraint!


4.Wunder Under High-Rise Tight

Wunder Under is also a very thin pair of yoga pants for Lululemon's family, and the entire collection has several different fabrics, and Full On Luxtreme is quick-drying, perfect for summer or intense exercise from sweating. Close to the skin, the plasticity is stronger than The Align.

 Advantages: quick-drying fabric, strong plasticity, strength training can also be worn this series without pockets;

 Disadvantages: Some customers say that this waist is easy to curl; the elasticity of this fabric is not as strong as other styles


5.Like a Cloud Bra Longline


TLike A Cloud sports bra is also highly complemented! It has a super wrapping power, and the fabric of this bra is very light and breathable, sweat-dry, elastic on all sides, plus quick-drying technology, even if you sweat, don't worry. The chest pad is also very convenient to clean, because the fabric is well wrapped, and there is no need to worry about squeezing out the breast or embarrassing meat on the back!

Advantages: thin and soft breast pads; good fabric elasticity, comfortable chest wrapping (friendly to large breasts), quick-drying technology sweating is not afraid

Disadvantages: When choosing a light color, pay attention to the possible bumps! Dark colors are less noticeable


6.Fast and Free High-Rise Tight

Crafted from Nulux, this Fast and Free is lightweight and smooth, feeling a bit like a swimsuit texture. Good wrapping, very suitable for sweaty sports, wearing running is no problem! This Fast and Free is more plastic than The Align, and some sisters say it's more comfortable to wear than the Wunder series. Because of its good wrapping, it can also modify the leg shape, running yoga and even daily wear.


7.Instill High-Rise Tight

This Lululemon's new Instill can be said to be a yoga pants! The new Smoothcover fabric is thicker and more suitable for autumn and winter than Align, while at the same time soft and skin-friendly, high support and better wrapping, it is perfect for high-intensity yoga training and Pilates. This Instill's buttock lift is even more than a perfect score!

Advantages: super wrapping force, shaping the buttocks

Cons: None


8.Soft Ambitions

Lululemon's Soft Ambitions series can be said to be flying pants, and the comfort level is probably to "touch the pants to remind yourself that you are really wearing clothes and going out..." Such an explanation proves how comfortable it is! The fabric is very soft and elastic, even if it is not hot in summer! There are also shorts to choose from in the same collection.

Pros: Comfortable, breathable, suitable for wearing on long commutes

 Disadvantages: less choice of style, not enough shaping


9.Define Jacket

This Define Jacket is made from Luon and feels soft and comfortable to the touch! Because of the line design and fabric choice, this jacket is very thin, and it also highlights the cut of the waist, and the slim fit is not tight! In addition, this jacket also adds lycra fiber, which is not easy to deform, wearable and wearable, comfortable and extendable, whether it is yoga or fitness.

10.Energy Longline Bra

This Energy Bra is made from Luxtreme quick-drying fabric that is not easy to deform, and the shoulder straps are relatively wide, so it is comfortable to wear and does not tighten the shoulders. Compared with Flow Y, this Energy Bra has better support, can provide medium and high strength bracing, and is more suitable for girls with B/C cups.

Advantages: sweating quick-drying, not easy to deform, multiple choices of version (there is a regular version, a regular extended version, a high neck version, a high neck extended version)

Disadvantages: There is MM that the high-necked extended version is not easy to wear and take off, and the light color is easy to be convex